Gym Combi Wavre Belgium

Gym Blaricum The Netherlands

StreetWorkout and Sportpoint Prague Czech Republic

Gym and StreetWorkout Marineterrein Amsterdam The Netherlands

Sportpoint + Pacewalk New Taipei City – Taipei

Sportpoint Orbe Prison Switzerland

Gym Amsterdam The Netherlands

Sportpoint Alphen a/d Rijn The Netherlands

Gym Genk Belgium

Gym Genk Belgium

MotionPlus Kaarina Finland

Fitpoint Alès France

StreetWorkout Prague Czech Republic

Gym Combi Gent Belgium

Basix Lille France

Sportpoint Kortrijk Belgium

Sportpoint Lille France

Gym Kortrijk Belgium

Sportpoint Montereau France

Gym Montereau France

Sportpoint Lund Sweden

StreetWorkout Tampere Finland

StreetWorkout Amsterdam Netherlands

Sportpoint Singapore

Gym Schoonhoven Netherlands (+special needs)

Basix La Louvière Belgium

Gym Heerenveen Netherlands

Sportpoint Amsterdam Netherlands

Gym Singapore

Fitpoint Gent Belgium

Gym Amsterdam Netherlands

StreetWorkout Ronse Belgium

Sportpoint Fos-sur-Mer France

Gym Geneva Switzerland

Fitpoint Nîmes France    –     Fitpoint Mikkeli Finland

Gym Robinia Geneva Switzerland

Gym Brussels Belgium

Basix Singapore

SportPoint Tampere Finland